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I am still waiting (まだ待ってます)

I was making sifter for the body powder "one" from the beginning, it

is important to function well as much as part of good design element.

that time I did look into 3D printing with my tech-neighbor who was

experimenting, it was great so I thought. but in actuallity when I did received finished product, It disappointed me greatly, plastic was hard and did not give flexibility at all as I needed it to fit snugly to the glass test tube, it was about 5 years ago.

since then material for making 3D printing technology have much

improved, adding mono-filament into its mix. again I thought it would be great, the filament will give flexibility that I needed. but I did read up on what it does to environment much plastic in the world now days, and I didn't want add one more to the landfill and eventually ended up in our ocean, and maybe belly of ahi I like to eat time to time.

so I am still making each one with paper clay with my hand.

meantime I am still waiting...

khスタジオのプロダクトラインがキックオフの際から、私はボデイーパウダー”one" 用に試験管に入れるふるいを紙粘土で作ってきました。このふるいは実用性だけではなくデザインエレメントとして欠かせないモノでした。その頃の私の指は余り慣れていない紙粘土で製作するのに結構時間がかかってました。、その時丁度3Dモデル製作を実験していた私のハイテクの隣人と検討した際、それは素晴らしいじゃない、すごい可能性だと喜びました。でも彼から完成品を実際に受け取ったとき、私は非常にがっかりさせられました.




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