Ribwort plantain

Here is the photo of Ribwort plantain I took yesterday afternoon at my garden. The name "plantain" is not well known as medicinal plant, instead people ask me if its type of Banana? Its have many uses for: The syrup made of leaves sooth dry coughs, Drink tea known to help reduce phlegm. For healing sores and wound by applying externally. First-aid role in treating the bee stings.

baby +

I made this soap for my friend Nanci A's baby shower, cerebrating new baby to come. After I looked around for gift and nothing did click, I thought of making the soap that is good for the baby's very sensitive skin, but I was visited by the thoughts/questions like : "what if fragrances be the cause for the future allergy for baby?", " What if soap ingredients maybe too strong for the new skin"...etc. And this soap is what I came up with, key ingredient is the large amount of shea butter, gentlest oil available and you can even eat it without harm. Although I needed to combine the bit of hardener so that soap will not disappear too fast. This is good for the grown up who have sensitive sk

Sweaty soap

One of the often asked questions is "why does this soap sweat when it's left in the shower after newly unwrapped?" It is natural condition of this soap to sweat. Because this soap contain the high level of vegetable glycerin in the recipe. The glycerin is a substance that helps retain and preserve moisture. Therefore preventing loss of moisture too. This aspect of quality is specially important for all skin type. "No worry and use it, after few days surface will be normalize".

Wimini Kailua Hawaii

This is storeーfront of Wimini. small but a cute speciality boutique shop in hearts of Kailua town, own by Yutaka and Mari Chino. They design and print their own T shirts. My favorite shirt with saying "All you need is Aloha". A store you can find khstudio product and many more products by local makers, the place you can find handmade one of kind gems from Hawaii. She will always greet you with warm and kind smile.

Hot off the press trio

Here is new items went through the test of few men and of course women around him. Soap, mustache wax and beard oil. They have become my favorite scented items for now. "8" the mustache wax is slightly scented with orange scent, because so near the nose I didn't want anything dominating and spoils the pleasure of the libation he may consume yet effective enough so that curled mustache will stay-put the way he was intended. "beard oil" it have bit of fresh orange tone with citronella, and juniper berry give off mild woodiness. After shave and trimmed , give TLC condition with this oil and he is ready to go. The soap was specially designed for the men's store that my friend Mari and Yuta

make sense solution

my friend Janis asked me if I have empty spray bottle and if she can have it? I asked her what she is going to use it for, she explained to me that she know serum "five" is good moisturizer for face and she want try DIY and use it as leave on hair and de-tangler. she has sweeping long hair and have struggle to manage her hair after each wash, she was going to thin the "five" and just spray and go. It is perfectly made sense solution. I informed her that spray she is concocting 1 serum to 4 distilled water ratio. is effective in multiple uses: such as an after over-sun exposure, give relieve to dry itchy skin , miner burn, rash and probably more...

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