Why did I start making khstudio products?

A few years ago, at age of almost 66, I started to notice my body was changing. My hair and skin felt dry, and deep wrinkles were starting to show. I felt I needed to find a remedy. Thus, I visited few beauty counters search for soaps that will not dry out my skin and moisturizers that was not oily or left a residue. I didn't find the result I was looking for from most of the products I tried. The soaps felt waxy and hard, maybe from the preservatives used to prevent soap from sweating too much. The lip balms felt either very oily or waxy and tasted like bit petrochemical or had unnatural flavors. ​ With my interest in natural health and remedies I sought to create a skincare product I lik

khstudio product recycle at Fishcake continue :)

Fishcake have been the main force of helping khstudio campaign for the recycling, But now that South shore market have closed, You maybe wondering where you can deposit the empty containers of serum and oils bottle. The Kamani main store kindly will be continue to receive them with rewarding for your effort for participating, There will be free product for every 6 any size container returned. サウスショアーマーケットにてはフィッシュケーキさんに K Hスタジオのリサイクルキャンペインを応援して頂きましたが先月を持って閉店になりました。 ”じゃー何処に空きビンを持って行ったら良いの?” の心配は御無要! カマニ本店でこのままつずけて行って下さるのとの事、その上に6点の空きビンをお持ちになられたらお客様にはプレゼントも整えているとの事です。 adress:307C Kamani St Honolulu HI

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khstudio products is handmade with aloha in honolulu, hawaii, slight difference in color and scent may occur by batch to batch but does not effect the product's functional efficacy.