Yay 9 of kh studio products certified in Japan

This is my new venture for learning, I didn't know so many things one must know if you ever decide to market your products in Japan. The pharmaceutical certification you must have. so first, the product have to go through testings for ingredients at lavatory there. The Japanese label have to be made by Japanese company for the market, You must have importer that can help you to get certified, receive goods and keep them for you while you market your product though I understand some importer can and do marketing. I was so set to go with my new coat from Hawaiis own designer Rumi Murakami collection....how sad. (sorry I just needed to show off). I love this coat. Well better safe then so

DIY bucket list 1

Teeth Brightning Oil Since I been staying in I decided to actually do them one by one and scratch off from the list. Ingredient you need are fractionated coconut oil and Clove essential oil. this make 1oz. Mix about 1/8 oz of clove essential oil and 7/8 oz of fractionated coconut oil. You don’t want substitutes with regular coconut oil, The Virgin coconut oil is less processed so it maintains Laurie acid and other long-chain fatty acid. Fractional coconut oil stays liquid in form, even in lower temperatures. So they will mix better. After mix well and bottle it in 1oz glass dropper bottle, or any bottle you have on hand. Some of you may have more sensitivity, Please use less clove oil. I l

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khstudio products is handmade with aloha in honolulu, hawaii, slight difference in color and scent may occur by batch to batch but does not effect the product's functional efficacy.