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finding the way to healing

In her mid 60s, Hawai‘i based visual artist Keiko Hatano wasn’t finding cleansers and moisturizers that met the needs of her increasingly dry skin. So, as someone explores materials and techniques to create her art—from sensual fiber sculptures to ghostly ceramic dolls—Hatano set out to make her own line of organic plant-base skin care product. 

In 2015 she launched khstudio.

simpler the better

Hatano says " I do research a lot online and speciality medicinal herb text books, then do many testing on each batch, trial and error experiments with myself and my friends” but the end result is sophisticated products with short lists of natural ingredients. It takes her about three to four months to go from an idea to final formula to packaging. The first thing she created, aptly called one, is the all-purpose body powder. Hatano had been using crystal deodorant but “it wasn’t for me.” The resulting mix includes arrowroot and kaolin clay and is as silky as talc, but without that asbestos risk. Scented with lemongrass or grapefruit, one is an effective odor eater, and can also be used as a dry shampoo, continuing two the mint lip balm in tin, three indigo medicinal soap, four and so on... 


Khstudio product often have multiple uses. You can sprits orange, a plant base hydrating spray, on your head and face for shiny tresses and dewy complexion or over exposed after sun skin for culm down the heat.  Along with jojoba oil, rice bran/bee’s wax and natural ingredients like berry sorbitol, sugar based solubilizer. Hatano uses select known beneficial herbs such as moringa, turmeric and indigo for their roots, leaves and flowers plucked from around the house,


Each bottle of serum and soap bars bears a handwritten “best used by” date, like a signed piece of art as seal of approval. Even for the label design she applies the principle "simpler the better", the product that fitting for the non-gender, non age define, include everyone. 


kh studio products are made with organic, non-GMO, certified ethical, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly ingredients, free from synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrance and colors.  Minimal plastic materials use for the package for sustainability.

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