wax of few kinds

I did not know there are many kind of waxs to use for many ways until I did decided to make my products. So far I used both white, yellow beeswax and fruits wax . I am sure if I look for will be more then 3 that I found. When I decided to make solid fragrance in pocket size jar, I needed wax that bit harder then lotion bar, then found fruit wax which I never heard of it before. here is the pic of different wax I am talking about. yellow beeswax fruit wax white beeswax rice bran wax My "seven" the lotion bar in tin, I am using the beeswax because I like the soft and mellow feel when I apply to the skin. And my preference is white beeswax over yellow. I use in mustac

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khstudio products is handmade with aloha in honolulu, hawaii, slight difference in color and scent may occur by batch to batch but does not effect the product's functional efficacy.