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kaori soap

purifying soap


A key ingrediant that makes kaori soap effective is juniper essence. Juniper essential oil may promote a clear and healthy complexion, and has a stress relieving aroma. Tea tree oil has topical benefits known for treating infections such as acne, fungal infections of the nail (onychomycosis), lice, scabies, and athlete's foot. The australian army has been known to carry small bottles of tea tree oil in there persnal care kit for treating their skin.


This soap will last you 5-6 weeks.


kaori soap

  • Sustainably harvested and manufactured palm oil, Coconut oil, safflower oil, purified Water, vegetable glycerin, oatmeal sobitole,  sodium hydroxide, oat protein, sorbitan oleate, stearic acid, titanium deoxide, tea tree & juniper berry essential oil

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