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book "What I like forever" by ms Nagata

I was included in Ms Nagata's this years coffee table book "my favorite Hawaii Things" .


1) Beautiful 70 year-old skin with no makeup! Just looking at her skin makes us want to try her products.

2) A compact size kit of soap, facial serum, shampoo bar, lip balm, serum for face & body is perfect companion for a week travel. ($34.00)

Recently, you can see this skin care set in many select shops in Hawaii. The simple package caught my eyes and heart in the first sight. It expresses the honesty of the products that contain no bells and whistles.

The products has been all hand-made by Keiko-san, who has elegant gray hair. I was so surprised when I asked her age. Because Her skin is spotless, fine and smooth and makes her look ten years or more younger.

It started from DIY to treat her sensitive and dry skin. “When my friends saw my skin turned from rustling skin into clean and smooth skin, they start asking me to share my skincare products. And eventually I started a wholesale to some select shops in Hawaii”.

The secret is PH balance. Just looking at her skin makes us so curious about her products.

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