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Note from Emi :)

I did received this email from happy customer few days ago. Made me very happy to share, following is Emi's comment.

Dear Keiko, Recently I added your Tumeric Oil to my regimen . It is amazing. It worked so quickly on some of my trouble spots. For months there was a rough, dry, red dime-sized patch on the skin by the inner corner of my eye. I tried many things, even medication. Nothing worked to change the condition. It wasn’t itchy or sore or weepy, but sometimes the skin was flaky or slightly swollen, and very noticeable. Several of my closer acquaintances commented on it out of concern. The day I brought the Tumeric Oil home from Fishcake, I tried it as a massage oil as suggested. I loved the scent and the feel of it. A few days later it occurred to me that I should try it on my face. The next morning, I noticed that the patch by my eye was smaller and not red or flaky. Just a drop or two warmed in the palms of my hands before applying does wonders.The patch was gone by the next day. Weeks later, it’s still clear. I wish I had found it sooner. Since the fall of 2016 I have been using One, Three, Four, Five and Six. Recently I got the tin of travel sized items which contained Two and the Tumeric Oil. That was my lucky day. Thank you!

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