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Hot off the press trio

Here is new items went through the test of few men and of course women around

him. Soap, mustache wax and beard oil. They have become my favorite scented items for now.

"8" the mustache wax is slightly scented with orange scent, because so near the nose I didn't want anything dominating and spoils the pleasure of the libation he may consume yet effective enough so that curled mustache will stay-put the way he was intended.

"beard oil" it have bit of fresh orange tone with citronella, and juniper berry give off mild woodiness. After shave and trimmed , give TLC condition with this oil and he is ready to go.

The soap was specially designed for the men's store that my friend Mari and Yutaka just opened in honolulu "GOOD DAYS SUPPLY" is located on King Street and neighboring stores are barber shop, sports shoes and goods supply for men store...half of block are mostly catering for men. But I find myself enjoying checking them out.

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