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khstudio products is handmade with aloha in honolulu, hawaii, slight difference in color and scent may occur by batch to batch but does not effect the product's functional efficacy.

eczema rescue  10ml


Your skin has a protective barrier against bacteria or irritants.  If you have eczema your skin may not produce enough natural oils, and will be less able to retain water and moisture.   While your skin is weak from eczema it can cause more bacteria to pass through more easily and cause your skin to break down causing irritations, cracks, and inflamation. 

Using a unique combination of essential oils, eczem . rescue calms and nourishes infected areas.  Also, it is a perfect alternative to over the counter creams.

eczem. rescue

  • Stinging nettle, camomile, calendura, chickweed, heart-ease herb, jojoba and grapeseed oil, and lavender essential oil.

  • Apply roll-on to cleaned infected area.