cleansing oil

this cleansing oil I call it 2.0 un-officially. because the first one I made for testing had castor oil in the formulation.

I was not fund of castor oils smell at all, although I know it has so much benefit specially its come to cleansing. but It was impossible to mask off its scent and I didn't want add the essential oil in the mix, because it may cause irritation if ever get in the eyes while using on the face.

so I placed first one on the shelf and went back to drawing board, to find the oil I would like, and I found "Daikon seed oil". oil that is extracted from Japanese radish. Its fatty acid composition different then other botanical oils I been using in cosmetics and personal care product. this oil offered delicate, non-oily feel and very good absorption on the skin, light color and absence of odor make the material suitable for a cleansing oil.

but biggest reason I settled with this oil was that I being custom to eating daikon radish all my life, as grated on fish, cook in the miso soup... you name it.

I though If good to eat, must be good for the skin too.


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khstudio products is handmade with aloha in honolulu, hawaii, slight difference in color and scent may occur by batch to batch but does not effect the product's functional efficacy.